Special Events
Venetian festivals take place in the most incredible spots of the city.
The captivating Carnival festival has been undoubtedly one of the premier events in Venice since 1979; characterised by the of art of disguise, where the protagonists entertain themselves by wearing costumes from different epochs and intricate masks. This is the time of the year when the city becomes a great stage and at any moment day or night you are likely to meet elegant noblemen and charming eighteenth-century ladies.
There are also the regattas, including the most famous Vogalonga, considered to be a true celebration of rowing, and also the historical regattas, characterised by dozens of colourful sixteenth-century boats that glide elegantly down the waters of the Grand Canal carrying the most important nobles of the Venetian Magistrate.
Another unforgettable holiday is the Redentore which attracts thousands of people every year and is always celebrated the third Sunday of July. Featuring a large and fascinating show of fireworks that takes place Saturday night in the San Marco basin, it is one of the most amazing events in the city. After this unforgettable show, your eyes will remain dazzled by the bright colours of the fireworks and it will be an emotion you will never forget!